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If any of the conditions specified in these pages is not convenient for you, please use the site. Your use of the site and fill out a form, which means that your personal information will be agreed in advance in writing the conditions in these pages. it reserves the right to modify at any time the general and specific conditions listed below.  to visit again when you visit this page also is important to see the membership and terms of use may change.

1. Use and Security Policies member is a site which is open to everyone. All members for services rendered, unless otherwise indicated, are free.

The following written cases, members may prevent the use of the site and site management reserves its legal rights on the person or persons involved in the following initiatives:

1 a. Wrong, irregular, incomplete and misleading information, general ethics rules containing inappropriate expressions and laws of the Republic of Turkey in the event of improper information to be recorded on the site.

1.b. The site is located in whole or in part the work of copying the contents of the case and the attempt to use or used for different purposes.

1.c. Members or their own user name given to determine information such as passwords, user rights, in the case be shared with third person or organization (in bad faith with the password from the use by others) is directly responsible MEMBER. Likewise MEMBER someone else's IP address on the internet, electronic mail address, user name, and the other users can not use private information such as other information also can not reach or can not use them without permission. In this way belong to all kinds of civil and criminal liabilities that may arise from any use of members.

1.d. It will threaten the overall security of the site, the use of software to prevent the operation of the site and used software, making the activity in order to be attempted and information, deletion, in case of change.

1.e. User / User, campaign of any deficit from the sale of the system or website (technical, etc.) advantage, damage to, providing an unfair advantage, repeated making applications, reality does not meet verbs, despite not fulfilling the requirements requested in the campaign or sales conditions, the campaign, such as benefit from them, the sales system or misuse of the website, if it is detected by, is 'next to cancel such transactions arising from the flour all rights law; giving the end user's membership; the sales contract has the right to terminate immediately unilaterally.

2. Use of Content

2 a. presented in visual, textual content is for personal use.’s content located in all text, graphics, photographs, videos, sound reserves the right to all of the animation. Unless otherwise stated aim can not be used without permission for commercial or personal references. It is forbidden to link located on the site without any element in any other media or to publish on the website or's permission.

2.b. Also used in the creation of these pages and database design, and copying or use of the software that belongs to each right is strictly prohibited.

2.c. is open to any criticism. All these criticisms are transmitted to our site is our property, used for marketing purposes.

3. Responsibilities

3 a. information of users who visit (visit duration, time, pages viewed) is monitored with the aim to better serve them. Information obtained, subject to adhere to the privacy principles are followed in order to enrich and improve our content department. Our goal is to ensure that the features you want, the site and development.

3.b. member of the e-mail address after confirming the registration process is completed with the condition to comply with the conditions specified in this contract, by entering the e-mail address and password can start to use the site.

3.c Members, while benefiting from sites and services, the Turkish Penal Code, Turkish Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, ordinances and regulations in the Law concerning the Protection of Trademark and Patent Rights, Obligations Act, the with other relevant legislation. as regards the agrees to comply with all announcements and notices will be published. This may arise due to the use contrary to the legal notice and the law, it belongs to the members of all kinds of criminal and financial responsibility.

3.d Because of this agreement does not comply with the general rules reported in the stated obligations or site, members can be prevented by  temporarily or permanently benefit from and / or membership can be canceled.

3.e. Members, visitors and other members of the movement can be found in the use of preventive or impede, servers or databases to install and with automatic program can not force / not unlock. Data not engage in misleading attempt to cheat. Otherwise Any dispute arising from this situation as will the legal termination of membership, agrees to criminal liability.

3.f. Made with messaging Malaria is the responsibility of the person receiving the replacement and recommended by Their texting lost due to the acquisition of replacement, is held responsible for damage to and deleted from the

3.g. Members, through no Copyright material copied or printed with printers from, Trademark and Intellectual Property Law can not delete all types of coverage or can not make any notes.

3.h. To cancel the membership and account deletion is done via by the customer. Join the finished site to the user's input authorization will be canceled. People who cancel the membership agrees that the return of this process.

3.i member or member's account terminated by him all kinds of recording is free not to delete the member can not have any rights or claims related records deleted.

3.j The site is the responsibility of the members of their relations with each other or with third parties.

3 K. At the same time provide information to visitors to this site and provide objective with ease Located links (direct links to different websites) are subject to the risks associated with visitors.

3.l. is, conditions of use, privacy policy and provided to adhere to the current regulations, all information linked to your membership has the right to use in connection with their marketing activities.

3.m. Different rules and obligations specific sections of the site's specific location can be specified. People who use this section and organizations deemed to have accepted the rules concerning advance.

3.n. To learn the principles and practices for protecting the privacy of our members, please "Confidentiality Agreement" visit the page. MEMBER, from the moment he started to benefit from the service will be deemed to have accepted all the terms of this participation contract and accepts the contract will express provisions about himself. MEMBERS this contract with the undertaking that where obligations is to compensate exactly for any damage incurred by the because contrary motion, the member-contractual behavior because of public institutions and / or be forced to pay to third parties for each any compensation and / or administrative / legal money has the right of recourse for members of the same penalties.

4.'s Rights and Obligations

4.a. are members of the contract from services other than technical failures, benefit to the information other than the personal information that the member's share hungry in no way accept will not be shared with any third person or organization except for legal requirements and undertake. Members of the it will interfere with the operation of the site in any electronic sabotage, earnings intervention for initiatives and / or is found to have caused the attack or the authorities of the member towards the criminal complaint, or if not requested a formal investigation, the member concerned It has the right credentials for research and discussion.

4.b. to ensure the continuity of the service is undertaken, it may make unilateral changes without any notice in this contract. always any justification, the services provided by unilaterally a permanent or temporary stop, or change the content of the service has the right to cancel. Member agrees this savings. is renovated, the current conditions of use will be published again under the same date update the site with new link, if deemed necessary, members will be notified by e-mail. Refurbished current terms of use, which will be valid from the moment of its publication in and use of the site or service will depend on renewed terms of use from that moment. The membership of the member who posted the materials contrary to the provisions of this agreement site, can be terminated unilaterally by any of the shop.nasiol.comwithout notice.

4.c. User / User, after this membership and have read and agree to the terms of use for all types of commercial electronic messages sent to him by the will be deemed consent. In this context, Member / User, by itself, fax works without people interfering, electronic mail, automated calling systems through or else other means of communication such as text messaging User / User from any further prior authorization without the information, marketing and / or advertising purposes agreed that send electronic messages. User / User at any time, without stating the reasons is that no opt out from receiving electronic messages under these conditions of use; For this, using the contact details provided in call or message, it will be sufficient to deliver the demand in this direction. is an easy way to him and is giving up demand will ensure transfer for free; is following the receipt of the request will immediately fulfill the requirements of this demand.

5. Entry into force of the Convention

Complete the registration process from the moment the Member agree to the conditions stated in this agreement and this agreement work deemed to have come into force. Agreement with the termination of membership or should happen with no warning to termination of any of the cases mentioned in this contract will remain without being automatically void.

6. Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution

The resolution of disputes arising from the implementation of this agreement İstanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized.

7. Notification Addresses

7.a. the site in advance of the member does not want mail addresses. However, members of the reported that the e-mail address, this contract will be made with respect to the desired address for any legal notices are considered electronic mail.

7.b. Parties to the other party in writing of any changes in the existing e-mail three (3) notifies days, acknowledge that the request would be made to prevail old emails and made them.

7.c. However, the notification email is sent by all kinds will make using the email address registered in the member's one (1) member shall be deemed to have reached the day after. MEMBER, this participation has read all of the items in the contract, you understand, accept and declare that you confirm the accuracy of the information given with regard to their acceptance and commitment.

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