Nasiol operates in the fields of personal clothing protection products, home protection products, automotive protection products and industrial protection products.

Nasiol is the brand of Artekya company partnership, which has been a pioneer in R&D in Turkey with its design and manufacturing activities for industry and laboratories since 2005.

The foundations of Artekya Limited Company were laid with the R&D studies on nanotechnology carried out by the NanoFiber Membranes Group (Nano FMG) working group in Istanbul Technical University laboratories since 2005. In this process, the group has carried out many R&D projects supported by the Ministry of Industry and Tübitak and successfully finalized these projects and turned them into effective and innovative commercial products in different fields. Artekya Ltd. is one of the commercialized pillars of this group and continues to work in areas such as nanotechnology and consultancy.

The marketing of Nasiol products is important in terms of increasing the new R&D and design investments of Artekya, one of the companies with the highest know-how in nanotechnology in Turkey.

Nasiol Technology

Silica nanoparticle reinforced surface coating products developed by Artekya Ltd. provide a more comfortable life by protecting the glass, metal, textile and wood surfaces of your personal belongings, land, sea and air vehicles.

Nasiol Industrial products, which are used for coating glass, metal, textile, ceramic, wood and many other surfaces, offer innovative solutions to companies operating in various fields from textile to tourism, glass-ceramic industry to transportation sector.

Nasiol nano care and protection products are colorless, odorless and durable on the applied surface, and provide protection without threatening your health with its invisibly thin (100-150 nanometers) surface coating.

During the research and development process, we test our products against many surfaces and situations that may be encountered with scientific techniques and then we go to the final product.

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