CleaRub 705 Super Fine Cut Compound 1kg
CleaRub 705 Super Fine Cut Compound 1kg
CleaRub 705 Super Fine Cut Compound 1kg
CleaRub 705 Super Fine Cut Compound 1kg

CleaRub 705 Super Fine Cut Compound 1kg (8680256691072)

Discount Rate : %10 Discount
Price : $ 53(Vat included)
Discounted : $ 48(Vat included)

✅ It is a powerful polishing compound specially designed to remove scratches.

✅ You can get effective results even with a small amount of product. Efficient.

✅ Smoothes the surface by removing fine scratches and holograms.

✅ Silicone-free, can be used for any color. Provides long-lasting shine.

Size : 2.20 Lbs
Application Surface : Painted Surfaces

Nasiol CleaRub 705 – Super Fine Cut

Nasiol CleaRub 705 Super Fine Cut is a compound that can be used on a vehicle's body to remove fine scratches, marks or swirls that could have damaged the surface. CleaRub 705 is extremely easy to use and is applied to surfaces with a polishing pad or machine. This product can help in the restoration of a vehicle's paintwork and is even capable of working on durable top-coatings that are resistant to abrasions. Along with removing scratches and restoring the paintwork of a vehicle, this product also leaves cars with a glossy and shiny finish that will make even old paintwork look as good as new!  

What are the Box Contents of Nasiol CleaRub 705 Super Fine Cut?

Within the Nasiol CleaRub 705 Super Fine Cut box, you will find a bottle of the compound product, the size depends on the bottle you ordered which would have either been the 0.5 kg or the 1 kg product.  For the best application, it is recommended that this product be used with the blue Nasiol polishing pad. Nasiol Polishing Pads are uniquely designed with an air-channel system that excavates heat during the polishing process, ensuring that the paint of the vehicle is protected. The blue polishing pad is specifically designed to be used with the Nasiol CleaRub 705 Super Fine Cut compound and would offer the best results. 

Why Should You Use Nasiol CleaRub 705 Super Fine Cut?

Nasiol CleaRub 705 Super Fine Cut is ideally used to buff surfaces that may have scratches or for car owners who want the body of the vehicle to have a glossy finish. One of the benefits of CleaRub 705 is that there is no silicone used within it which increases the overall performance and effectiveness of the compound since it cannot be washed off as silicone products are. To use CleaRub 705 is easy, with long-lasting results that will leave the surface of a vehicle scratch-free and with a glossy finish. 

What are the Application Surfaces of Nasiol CleaRub 705?

Nasiol CleaRub 705 application areas include, but are not limited to, surfaces on a vehicle body. Since CleaRub 705 is a super fine cutting compound, it can be used to remove fine scrapes and scratches on the body of a vehicle and it can also help renovate degraded paint works. CleaRub 705 is also an ideal compound to use when it comes to polishing durable top-coatings that resist abrasion, leaving behind a glossy finish that makes the car look brand new! 

What are the Features of Nasiol CleaRub 705?

The following table outlines a few of the features of CleaRub 705. 





Application Temperature


Sanding Level


Cutting Level

Super fine

Gloss Rate





How to Use Nasiol CleaRub 705 Super Fine Cut?

Before beginning the process of using CleaRub 705 Super Fine Cut, it is important that your vehicle is free of any dust, dirt or contaminants. Using a clay bar can help to strip any particles that may be stuck on the paint. If this is done, be sure to wash your vehicle again. It is recommended that Nasiol Clean be used as this will remove any polish residue that may be left behind on the surface. To protect the trims, lights and rubber surfaces of the vehicle body, use masking tape to cover these areas of the vehicle. Be sure to use appropriate tools (polishing pads or machines etc.) to be sure that the process does not affect the paint on the vehicle. After completing the process, the surface should be buffed to get off any polish residue that may be on the surface. 

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