Nasiol W-WB Ahşap Yüzeyler için Nano Kaplama
Nasiol W-WB Ahşap Yüzeyler için Nano Kaplama

Nasiol W-WB Nano Coating for Wooden Surfaces (8680256692185)

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✅ It is a nano protection product with hydrophobic and oleophobic properties developed for wooden surfaces.

✅ Provides repellency for liquid stains and water on the applied surfaces.

✅ In this way, the surface becomes stain resistant and is much easier to clean.

✅ Extends the life of the wooden surface and prevents rotting.

✅ Does not impair the breathability of the surface.

✅ Efficient thanks to its 1 liter volume.

Size : 33.81 Fl Oz
Application Surface : Wooden Surfaces

Nasiol W-WB Waterbased Nano Coating for Wood Surfaces

Nasiol W-WB is inspired by nature and designed for natural surfaces. Nasiol has developed a water-based coating for natural wood surfaces to reduce water absorption. These natural surfaces gain up to 5 years of durability against external conditions with the advanced technology of Nasiol Nano Coatings.

Why Use Nasiol W-WB Water Repellent Nano Coatings for Wood?

Nasiol W-WB is a water-based coating developed for wood surfaces to gain hydrophobic and oleophobic properties against common liquids and stains and to give an easy-to-clean effect.

It is suitable for almost all wood surfaces from MDF types to laminate flooring and provides durability up to 5 years. It has a water-based formula that allows application on most surfaces, especially for industrial use.

It is breathable and resistant to harsh detergents without affecting the comfort or performance of wooden surfaces, ensuring that it retains its performance properties even after multiple washes.

How to Use Nasiol W-WB Water Repellent Nano Coatings for Wood?

To obtain the highest product performance, ensure that the temperature and relative humidity (RH) of the application area is as close as possible to the given values. Avoid direct sunlight during application and work only on cool surfaces. Shake the product gently before use.

Manual Application

Spray the required amount of product onto the surface with a trigger bottle.

Pressurized Spraying

All kinds of spraying systems that can make homogeneous application can be preferred. Nozzle diameter of 1-2 mm is suitable. The distance between the surface and the nozzle can be selected between 10-20 cm depending on other parameters. Spray pressure can be selected between 1-1.5 bar depending on other parameters. The product should be sprayed onto the surface in the required amount with a fine atomization.

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