Nasiol Home Care and Cleaning Package Advantage Package
Nasiol Home Care and Cleaning Package Advantage Package

Nasiol Home Care Package Advantage Package (8680256690303)

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Price : $ 42(Vat included)
Discounted : $ 38(Vat included)

✅ With the Nasiol Home Care package you can apply a coating for maintenance. This delays the wear of the surfaces and makes them easier to clean.

Nasiol Home Care Package - Glass, Textile and Hard Surface Nano Protection 3-Pcs Home Care Package

Nasiol HomeTex + Nasiol HomeShine + Nasiol HomeWood

Care and protection for your belongings in your home!

HomeWood: Homewood extends the life of your wooden home and garden furniture, doors, windows and other natural wooden surfaces by protecting them from stains and water damage. It revitalizes and protects the appearance of your wooden furniture. It preserves the unique and original appearance of your wooden products.

HomeTex: With its liquid-repellent and super water-repellent effect, it provides liquid and oil-repellent properties to nubuck, leather and fabric-covered household items, making them stain-resistant and easy to clean. It forms a completely invisible layer by covering the fibers on the applied surface and protects all kinds of textile surfaces from liquid, dirt and stains without causing any change in texture, appearance or color. It does not make any difference in the touch and breathability of your belongings. Now, with the effect of superhydrophobia on fabrics with synthetic content.

HomeShine: With its high water and oil repellency properties, it allows easy cleaning of the applied surface without the need for expensive cleaning detergents. With the coating on the surface, the surface gets dirty later and delays the adhesion of contaminants such as oil and lime residue on the applied surface.

Usage areas

Glass surfaces in your Kitchen and Bathroom (Shower, Mirror, Cabinet and Oven Glass).
Shiny ceramic surfaces (Toilet, Sink, Bathtub, Tiles).
Inox metal surfaces (Sink and Faucets)
All other glass and glossy ceramic surfaces.
Fabric and leather surfaces
Wooden surfaces


*Usage and application videos are available for all our products on our Nasiol/Youtube channel. Before using the products, you can watch the usage and application videos of the products and get information about the correct use of the product.

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