Nasiol T-WB Tekstil Yüzeyler için Nano Kaplama
Nasiol T-WB Tekstil Yüzeyler için Nano Kaplama

Nasiol T-WB Nano Coating for Textile Surfaces (8680256690549)

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✅ It is a nano protection product with hydrophobic and oleophobic properties developed for textile surfaces.

✅ Provides repellency for liquid stains and water on the applied surfaces.

✅ In this way, the surface becomes stain resistant and is much easier to clean.

✅ Extends the life of the fabric surface.

✅ It does not impair the breathability of the surface and is harmless to the skin.

✅ Efficient thanks to its 1 liter volume.

Size : 33.81 Fl Oz
Application Surface : Fabric-Textile Surfaces

Nasiol T-WB Water Based Nano Coating for Textile Surfaces

Nasiol T-WB is a revolutionary non-toxic, hydrophobic, and oleophobic nano coating. It is water-based, breathable, In addition, it is resistant to harsh detergents and demonstrates excellent easy-cleaning properties with continuous performance up to 10 washes.

Why Should You Use Nasiol TWB Water Repellent Nano Coatings for Textile?

One of the most significant benefits of using T-WB is its water and oil-repellent properties. This feature makes it an excellent choice for products frequently exposed to liquids, such as clothing, outdoor gear, and upholstery. By applying T-WB to your textiles, you can create a barrier that repels water and oil, preventing stains and keeping the fabric looking new for longer.

The nano-coating creates a smooth surface on the fabric, making it more difficult for dirt and grime to adhere to the surface. This means that stains can be easily wiped away, and the fabric can be kept clean and hygienic with minimal effort. T-WB is a water-based solution, making it an excellent choice for textile manufacturers prioritizing sustainability.

It is breathable so that it won't impact the comfort or performance of the fabric, and it is resistant to harsh detergents, ensuring that it maintains its performance properties even after multiple washes.

How To Use Nasiol TWB Water Repellent Nano Coatings for Textile?

Ensure that the temperature and relative humidity (RH) of the application space are as close as possible to the given values to achieve the highest product performance. Avoid direct sunlight during the application and only work on cool surfaces. Shake the product gently before use.

Pressurized Spraying

If the surface seems excessively wet after the application, you can;

- Decrease the flow rate - Increase the spraying distance - Increase the spraying pressure - Expand the pattern - Increase the line speed

If you couldn't apply enough amount and couldn't obtain a good repellency, you can;

- Increase the flow rate - Decrease the spraying distance - Decrease the spraying pressure - Narrow down the pattern - Decrease the line speed

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